Rutgers University Student Assembly

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The election results for the Fall 2014 are in!

Congratulations to the following victors!

University Wide At Large Rep:
Connie Capone

2018 Douglass Campus Rep:
Naomi De Jesus Rodriguez

Douglass At Large Rep: 
Julia Hernandez

Class of 2018 Livingston Campus Rep:
Evan Covello

Livingston At Large Reps:
Lawrence Lung
Victoria Kostantakis
Viktor Krapvin

Class of 2018 Cook Campus Rep:
Aditya Vinjamuri

Class of 2018 Busch Campus Rep:
Nivedh Rajesh

Busch At Large Reps:
Patrick Gibson
Shannon Lee
Andrew Xu
Shirley Luo
Pawel Tomczyk

Class of 2018 College Avenue Campus Rep:
Shannon Chang

College Avenue At Large Reps:
Kelby K. Clark
Monica Sung
Paola Batarseh
Tyrus Jackson

Off Campus At Large Reps:
Gregory Swift
Maria Samson
Jonathan Portillo
Jimmy Pastena
Jaime Craig Kubian
Deep Vakil