The Executive Board

President - Suzanne Link


The President of RUSA serves as a liaison between the student body, members of RUSA, and the administration. They also chair meetings of the Executive Board and RUSA meetings. The President acts as the official representative of the Rutgers University student body.

Academic Area(s): Human Resource Management, Public Policy, Labor Studies

Year: Senior

Suzanne is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of other by ensuring equality under the law.

Vice President - Jessica Tuazon


The Vice President of RUSA assists the President with reports, meetings, and other appropriate tasks. They oversee the Assembly committees and assign Assembly members to committees. The Vice President ensures that the committees are operating in a productive and efficient manner.

Academic Area(s): Mechanical Engineering, Math, Business Administration

Year: Senior

Jessica is passionate about building strong relationships between student leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Treasurer - Priti Kantesaria


The Treasurer of RUSA handles all financial transactions of the Assembly and keeps accurate, up-to-date records of such transactions. They are also responsible for submitting an annual budget to the RUSA Allocations Board. The Treasurer is elected during the Spring Elections.

Academic Area(s): Industrial Systems Engineering

Year: Junior

Priti is excited to support RUSA's internal infrastructure and work on initiatives relating to sexual violence on campus.

Secretary - Ase Wesam Awari


The Secretary of RUSA establishes and maintains all non-financial records of the Assembly. They are responsible for preparing the minutes, agenda, and attendance report for each meeting of the Assembly as well as preparing and maintaining the roster and contact information of the Assembly. The Secretary is internally elected and serves until a new Secretary is elected.

Academic Area(s): Mechanical Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Ase is enthusiastic to serve RUSA and to aid the student body in every and any capacity.

Parliamentarian - Nicholas Tharney


The Parliamentarian of RUSA is responsible for interpreting the governing documents of the Assembly, in addition to helping guide debate during meetings to ensure compliance with the rules and procedures of the Assembly.

Academic Area(s): Finance, Political Science, Pre-Law

Year: Junior

Nick is passionate about being involved in the Rutgers community and ensuring RUSA is running effectively.

SAS Senate Leader - Julie Serrano


The SAS Senate Leader must be an elected SAS Senator sitting on the Assembly. They ensure active participation of SAS Senators in each of the Senate's committees and maintains relationships with other Senators outside of the New Brunswick SAS Caucus. The SAS Senate Leader is also responsible for nominating students to fill vacant SAS Senate Seats upon confirmation of the Executive Board.

Academic Area(s): Political Science

Year: Senior

Julie is the Senate Student Affairs Committee co-chair and she is excited to bring up pressing student issues to the Senate.

Chief of Staff - Patrick Grifone


The Chief of Staff is appointed by the President and serves at the pleasure of the President. They assist the President in administrative duties and oversee the day-to-day administration. The Chief of Staff also tracks and orchestrates office hours for the Assembly.

Academic Area(s): Supply Chain Management, Public Policy

Year: Junior

Patrick is excited to hear the thoughts and opinions of Rutgers students and make their college experiences better.

Big Ten Liaison - Patrick B. Phillips

Patrick B

The Big Ten Liaison communicates with all Big Ten schools and the ABTS board and creates monthly reports of the happenings of the ABTS. They assist committees on projects and share insights on behalf of other Big Ten Schools. The Big Ten Liaison is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Assembly.

Academic Area(s): Music

Year: Senior

Patrick also serves as the Treasurer for the Association of Big Ten Students and is passionate about serving and advocating for students at Rutgers and beyond.

Athletics Coordinator - Ryan Cassidy


The Athletics Coordinator represents the voices of all student-athletes, intercollegiate, club, and intramural. They work to increase student participation and involvement in athletics on campus. The Athletics Coordinator recommends initiatives on collaboration, innovation, and input on Rutgers Athletics to RUSA.

Academic Area(s): Economics

Year: Sophomore

Ryan is committed to promoting unity between students and student-athletes while advocating for support of Rutgers Athletics.

RUSA Allocations Board Chair - Nick Pellitta

Nick P

The Chair of the Allocations Board oversees the funding of over three hundred student organizations at Rutgers. They also work closely with the Assembly on all bills that affect the funding process. The Chair is appointed by outgoing members of the Allocations Board at the end of each academic year.

Learn more about the Allocations Board here.

Academic Area(s): Political Science, Economics, Spanish, International and Global Studies

Year: Senior

Nick is dedicated to ensuring that all student organizations have the resources necessary to make an impact on the Rutgers community.

Academic Affairs Committee Chair - Aneesh Deshpande


The Academic Affairs Chair works with undergraduate academic affairs to provide the strongest academics-related experience possible at Rutgers. This committee focuses on college affordability, implementing new developments in classrooms, and furthering the conversation on excellence in education. The Academic Affairs Chair is internally elected and serves a full year.

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Academic Area(s): Computer Science, Quantitative Economics

Year: Junior

Aneesh is passionate about deveeloping the student experience at Rutgers to maximize their impact on their community.

Health and Wellness Committee Chair - Hinita Patel


The Health and Wellness Chair addresses issues affecting the general health and wellness of students and advocates for improvements concerning those issues. They are responsible for holding committee meetings, communicating with administrators, and overlooking the following subcommittees: Mental Health, Drugs & Alcohol, and Sexual Violence. The Health and Wellness Chair is internally elected by RUSA members.

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Academic Area(s): Finance, Supply Chain Management

Year: Junior

Hinita is passionate about improving the resources available to students with mental health issues and erasing the stigma around mental health.

Internal Affairs Committee Chair - Alex Anderson


The Internal Affairs Chair leads the Internal Affairs Committee in its responsibilities such as monitoring member attendance, and the Assembly's compliance with our Constitution and Standing Rules. We are focused on making the Assembly run in a way that benefits the students of Rutgers. The committee is composed of RUSA members who enjoy philosophical debate and critical thinking.

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Academic Area(s): Environmental Science, Public Policy

Year: Junior

Alex is passionate about helping the members of RUSA serve their constituents and being accountable to the students of Rutgers.

Legislative Affairs Committee Chair - Julien Rosenbloom


The Legislative Affairs Chair represents the student voice in the local, state, and federal policymaking settings. In this capacity, the Chair leads the committee in its legislative advocacy, such as in meetings with policymakers and administrators, civic engagement and voter registration initiatives, and other activities related to policy and civic developments affecting Rutgers students. This committee is composed of students passionate about politics, policy, civic engagement, and everything in between.

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Academic Area(s): Political Science, Economics

Year: Sophomore

Julien is committed to advocating for student interests in the policymaking space and is eager to champion the student voice and represent this voice in political spheres.

Public Relations Committee Chair - Emily Kane


The Public Relations Chair functions to assist the administrator and board members in their responsibility to maintain a positive image of the organization in the community by monitoring public relations and publicity activities. This committee has a duty to enhance communication between the organization and the public via various media sources by promoting the organization’s projects, news releases, public service announcements and other publicity.

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Academic Area(s): Anthropology, Journalism

Year: Sophomore

Emily is

Sexual Violence Education Department Chair - Chanel Jordan


The Sexual Violence Education (SVE) Department Director works with various administrative departments and student organizations, such as VPVA and HOPE, to help prevent and reduce sexual violence on campus. They advocate for survivors of sexual violence on campus by creating appropriate policies and initiatives. The department works closely with the Sexual Violence Prevention subcommittee of the Health and Wellness Committee to establish values that enable efficient advocacy and meaningful dialogue on sexual violence.

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Academic Area(s): Political Science, Psychology, French

Year: Senior

Chanel is excited about empowering individuals who have had their autonomy and voice taken away.

Student Affairs Committee Chair - Jhanvi Virani


The Student Affairs chair is in charge of knowing what students care about, and what students want from their student government. This is done by hosting townhalls, through which students can voice their concerns about issues to relevant administrators. It is also accomplished by maintaining a network with other student groups on campus, including RHA, RCSA, cultural centers, and student organizations on campus. By keeping tabs on what students need from their student government, RUSA can stay on track to address the issues that really need to be addressed.

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Academic Area(s): Computer Science, Mathematics

Year: Junior

Jhanvi loves what she does because she enjoys being a part of something bigger than herself, and she does that by bringing passionate students together to collaborate on productive change.

University Affairs Committee Chair - Dominique Little


Academic Area(s): Political Science, Africana Studies

Year: Senior

Dominique is passionate about helping students have a worthwhile campus experience during their years spent at Rutgers.