Resolution on the Schedule of Meetings, S1819-1, 04-12-2018

09-06 RUSA Resolution F18-1 "Resolution to Advocate for the New Voter Empowerment Act"

10-04 RUSA Resolution F18-2 "Resolution to Endorse Rutgers Student Health Flu Vaccine Clinics"

10-04 RUSA Resolution F18-3 "Resolution to Endorse the Efforts of the End Sexual Violence Campaign to Turn the Campus Purple"

10-11 RUSA Resolution F18-4 "Resolution to Call Upon the Administration to Publish a Comprehensive List of Rutgers University — New Brunswick Task Forces and Committees"

10-11 RUSA Resolution F18-5 "Resolution to Establish a RUSA External Representative Caucus"

10-11 RUSA Resolution F18-6 "Resolution to Denounce the Decision to Bring Lisa Daftari as an Undergraduate Academic Affairs Speaker"

11-08 RUSA Resolution F18-7 "Resolution to Cosponsor Women Organizing Against Harassment’s “Write Your Reps” Event"

11-29 RUSA Resolution F18-8 "Resolution to Endorse the University-Wide Opioids Messaging Campaign"

12-06 RUSA Resolution F18-9 "Resolution for RUSA to Sign University of Pittsburgh’s Open Letter Calling for Stricter Regulations on the Sale of Weapons"

12-06 RUSA Resolution F18-10 "Resolution to Support and Promote the University Locker Initiative"

12-06 RUSA Resolution F18-11 "Resolution to Recognize Scarlet Knight Women’s Basketball Coach Charlaine Vivian Stringer"

01-24 RUSA Resolution S19-1 "Resolution to Advocate for A327/1149/3254"

01-31 RUSA Resolution S19-2 "Resolution Supporting RUCSGA in Efforts to Establish Student Representation on the University Advisory Group Regarding First Amendment and Academic Freedom Issues"

02-07 RUSA Resolution S19-3 "Resolution to Support The Bandana Project"

02-21 RUSA Resolution S19-4 "Resolution to Express Disapproval in the Selection Process for the Chancellor of New Brunswick"

03-14 RUSA Resolution S19-05 "Resolution Concerning the Student Activities Fee" (Bill was deferred to committee and did not pass!)

03-28 RUSA Resolution S19-06 "Resolution to Cosponsor Women Organizing Against Harassment’s Take Back the Night March"

03-28 RUSA Resolution S19-07 "Resolution to Endorse Rutgers Student Health Meningitis B Vaccine Clinics"

04-04 RUSA Resolution S19-08 "Resolution to Support Daily Targum 2019 Referendum Publicity"

04-04 RUSA Resolution S19-09 "Resolution to Condemn the University’s Response to Sexual Misconduct Cases"

04-04 RUSA Resolution S19-10 "Resolution to Act on the Recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on
Sustainable Governance"

04-04 RUSA Resolution S19-11 "Resolution to Support Recommendations of Undergraduate-Alumni Relations
Ad Hoc Committee "