Governing Documents


Preamble: "We, the undergraduate students of Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway, as an integral component of the University community, hereby establish through this Constitution a federated student government to ensure the vitality of student participation in the governance of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. To provide campus-wide advocacy on behalf of student concerns; to secure for students an active role in deciding official policies and priorities; to effectively disburse student activity fees; and to provide a forum for the open expression of student ideas and opinions, we establish the Rutgers University Student Assembly (hereafter referred to as the “Assembly”).
Continuing in a tradition of student government dating back to 1894, The Assembly shall serve as the official voice of the student body of Rutgers University New Brunswick/Piscataway."

Standing Rules

Preamble: "This document will hereby serve as the Rutgers University Student Assembly (referred to as “RUSA” or “the Assembly”) Standing Rules. The RUSA Standing Rules shall describe the normal operation of the Assembly. Changes to this document require the approval of two-thirds of the current Assembly."

Elections Code

This code serves as the elections guidelines for all elections administered by the Assembly.