Evan Covello – President

Christie Schweighardt – Vice President

Shannon Chang – Treasurer

Claudia Marconi – Chief of Staff

Christopher Kay – Parliamentarian

Jessica Tuazon – Secretary

Julie Serrano – Senate Leader

Rita Portenti – Sexual Violence Education Department Director

Committee Chairs:

Aneesh Deshpande – Academic Affairs Committee Chairman

Ini Ross – Health and Wellness Committee Chairwoman

Viktor Krapivin – Internal Affairs Committee Chairman

Suzanne Link – Legislative Affairs Committee Chairwoman

Calvin Ferrara – Public Relations Committee Chairman

Sabeen Rokerya – Student Affairs Committee Chairwoman

Daniel Chulak – University Affairs Committee Chairman

Adjunct Staff

Billy Cundiff – Athletics Coordinator

N/A – Deputy Chief of Staff

Jaidev Phadke – Big Ten Liaison

Anthony Tellez – Special Events Coordinator

Adeel Ahmed – Voter Registration and Civic Engagement Task Force Chair