Academic Affairs – Chairperson: Aneesh Deshpande

The Academic Affairs committee works with university administration, faculty, and staff to address student concerns regarding the undergraduate educational experience. The committee works closely with the Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs to accomplish its goals. Previous projects include extending WebReg hours of operation and the university deciding to support only two clicker device brands.

Health and Wellness – Chairperson: Hinita Patel

RUSA’s new Health & Wellness committee is structured to combat a variety of student issues in a multitude of different departments. Although we deal with overall student health, we hold Mental Health, Sexual Violence Education and Prevention & Drugs and Alcohol as the main pillars of our committee. We are looking to combat and help break the stigma around mental health and a variety of issues facing the students. We aim to have serious conversations about the present state of our campus from the perspective of our fellow students.

Internal Affairs – Chairperson: Alex Anderson

The Internal Affairs Committee is charged with investigating and reporting on any legislation or issue that concerns the structure of the Assembly, coordination, assignment and distribution of roles and responsibilities between different parts of the Assembly, any matter which concerns the procedures of the Assembly, and the responsibility of the members or officers of the Assembly. No member of the public may sit on the Internal Affairs Committee.

Legislative Affairs – Chairperson: Julien Rosenbloom

The Legislative Affairs committee’s focus is advocating for the needs of students in local, state, and federal settings. The committee tasks include lobbying and organizing phone bank efforts. For example, we attempt to meet with local legislators on issues impacting public safety and state/federal legislators on issues around SVE, academics, etc.

Public Relations – Chairperson: Emily Kane

Under Public Relations, we strive to ensure that all students are informed of what happens during the RUSA meetings. Our job is to make sure that all students are aware of the resolutions and programs we work on. This is where Public Relations steps in. We manage the social media pages for the body and work with student publications while also hosting mobile office hours and tabling events to get feedback from students. Our focus is education and outreach!

Student Affairs – Chairperson: Jhanvi Virani

The Student Affairs Committee is responsible for handling issues concerning student life at Rutgers, including the unique needs of student organizations, cultural groups, student workers, and on-campus residents. Our job is to keep a finger on the pulse of what students want from their university, and we bring that information back to relevant RUSA committees and university departments to enact meaningful change. The campus caucus chairs from each campus are required to be on the Student Affairs committee.

University Affairs – Chairperson: Dominique Little

The University Affairs committee has jurisdiction over all student issues outside of academics and student life. This includes, but is not limited to: dining, transportation, student centers, facilities, sustainability, and transportation. The UA committee is continuously working to improve campus resources for all Rutgers New Brunswick students.