2016-2017 Legislation

Resolution to Approve Fall 2016 Election Guidelines

Bill to Approve Funding of MidKnight Snacks

Bill to Update the RUSA Standing Rules

Resolution to Support New Jersey Senate Bill 2249 and Assembly Bill 2134

Resolution to Participate in the Vote B1G Campaign

Resolution for RUSA to Co-sponsor the Constitution Day Speaker

Bill to Host Zero-Waste Events

Resolution to Endorse Rutgers NO More and Co-sponsor Cover the Campus

Bill to Approve the 2016-2017 Special Events Funding

Bill to Extend the Duration of the Mental Health Task Force

Bill to Create Foam Free Events

Resolution to Adopt Revised Amendment Procedures

Bill for RUSA Cleans Up

Resolution for RUSA to Co-sponsor the Douglass Governing Council Town Hall

Resolution for RUSA to Co-sponsor Upcoming Blood Drives

Resolution for RUSA to Co-sponsor “The U.S. Election: Through the Sector of Healthcare”

Resolution to Approve the Spring 2017 Elections Guidelines

Resolution for Rutgers University Student Assembly to Submit a Constitutional Question to the Student Body

Bill to Approve the Spring 2017 Allocations

Resolution for RUSA to Support the Establishment of a Centralized Undergraduate Research Directory

Resolution to Support New Jersey Assembly Bill 3254

Bill to Investigate the RUSA Safe

Resolution for RUSA to Support Full-Year Pell Grants

Resolution to Support Mental Health on Campus Act

Resolution for Urge the Rutgers University Senate to Declare all United States Presidential Election Days as a University Holiday

Bill for RUSA to Complete Bystander Intervention Training

Resolution to Endorse the BRIDGE Act (H.R. 496/S.128)

Bill to Co-sponsor Hairitage Event

Resolution to Adopt Report on Marijuana Possession in University Housing

Resolution to Endorse Unity Day by the Black Student Union

Bill to Sponsor the New Student Orientation Water Bottles

Resolution to Support Retaining the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Resolution to Recognize and Thank Chancellor Richard Edwards for his Service to Rutgers University

Bill to Approve the 2017-2018 Allocations Board

Resolution to Thank Justin Schulberg for his Service as a RUSA President


A Proposal to Increase Student Voter Turnout

RUSA Sustainability Report

Marijuana Policy Report

Report on Funding Moratorium Recommendations

MidKnight Snacks Proposal